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Hand Crank Film Projector 3D Wooden Puzzle |DIY Model|

Hand Crank Film Projector 3D Wooden Puzzle |DIY Model|

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Introducing the Film Projector 3D Wooden Puzzle - a unique and captivating DIY model that will provide hours of entertainment and creativity! This innovative puzzle kit comes with 183 wooden pieces that you can easily assemble to create a fully functional film projector.

This is no ordinary puzzle - once assembled, this projector can actually show film! We've included a roll of film featuring 58 frames of Chaplin's famous movie "Modern Times" so you can enjoy a classic film right from your own handcrafted projector!

In addition to the wooden pieces, this kit includes English instructions, six pre-cut wood sheets, sandpaper, tape, a motor, and a wooden stick to help you assemble the puzzle with ease. Please note that due to international shipping restrictions, we cannot include wax with your order. However, wax is not essential to the functionality of the projector and can be easily replaced with candle wax or beeswax.

Once assembled, the projector measures 10.03 inches in height, 8.78 inches in length, and 5.23 inches in depth - a perfect size for display on a desk or bookshelf.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this fascinating puzzle and create your own functional film projector. Order yours now and experience the joy of DIY crafting!


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