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Prophecy Orb |Decision Maker| (multiple options available)

Prophecy Orb |Decision Maker| (multiple options available)

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Introducing the Prophecy Orb, the ultimate decision maker ball that can help you make choices with ease! This sleek and stylish rotating ball features a small ball in the middle that follows the same direction as the upper ball. The base has 9 different answers, including "ask mom", "buy", "sell", "go for it", "no", "pray", "yes", "maybe", and "fire someone". Simply rotate the ball and let fate decide which option to choose!

Available in two luxurious finishes - silver or gold - this Prophecy Orb makes for a stunning desktop decoration, paperweight, or anti-stress toy. It's perfect for both home and office use, and can also make for a unique and thoughtful birthday or housewarming gift.

Whether you're facing a tough decision or just need a break from your hectic day, the Prophecy Orb is the perfect way to add some fun and mystery to your life. So why wait? Order your Prophecy Orb today and let fate guide you towards your next adventure!




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