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Garuda Coronet 3D Metal Puzzle |DIY Model|

Garuda Coronet 3D Metal Puzzle |DIY Model|

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Introducing the Garuda Coronet 3D Metal Puzzle - the ultimate challenge for puzzle enthusiasts! With its intricate design and impressive finish size of about L4.3in x W6.1in x H8.5in, this 3D DIY metal puzzle is sure to impress. Featuring a whopping 550 pieces across 5 1/2 pc Metal sheets, this puzzle offers a challenging and rewarding experience with a degree of difficulty rated at 5 stars. The puzzle also includes an instruction manual to guide you through the process.

Crafted with precision laser cutting technology, each piece is designed to fit together seamlessly, resulting in a stunning  finished product. Not only is this puzzle a fun activity, but it also doubles as a unique piece of home decor. Equipped with hanging stands of beads, you can easily display your completed Garuda Coronet puzzle anywhere in your home. So why wait? Challenge yourself with the Garuda Coronet 3D Metal Puzzle and enjoy hours of entertainment and satisfaction as you piece together this impressive masterpiece.

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