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The Ultimate Feng Shui Fountain (multiple options available)

The Ultimate Feng Shui Fountain (multiple options available)

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Introducing The Ultimate Feng Shui Fountain, the perfect addition to any home or office space! The fountain features many feng shui figurines such as elephants, deer, and a money toad, as well as mountains, a bonsai tree, and a water wheel at the bottom. The LED lights add a stunning visual effect to the cascading water, creating a soothing and calming ambiance.

Available in multiple size options, including a Large size of 4.9 feet in height, 1.5 feet in width, and 1.1 feet in depth, and an Extra Large size of 5.6 feet in height, 1.8 feet in width, and 1.2 feet in depth.

With its intricate design and calming sounds of flowing water, this Large Standing Feng Shui Water Fountain will create a serene atmosphere in any room. It is perfect for meditation rooms, yoga studios, spas, or as a decorative piece in any home or office setting. Bring the beauty and tranquility of a Zen garden into your space with this stunning water fountain. Order yours today!

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