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Timebox Evo Pixel Art Alarm Clock & Portable Mini Speaker

Timebox Evo Pixel Art Alarm Clock & Portable Mini Speaker

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Introducing the Timebox Evo Pixel Art Alarm Clock & Portable Mini Speaker, a versatile and stylish device that combines the functionality of an alarm clock with the immersive sound quality of a portable speaker. With its sleek design and impressive features, this speaker will enhance your audio experience and add a touch of visual delight to your home.

Designed for convenience, the Timebox Evo features built-in Bluetooth 5.0 technology, allowing you to wirelessly stream your favorite music from your smartphone or tablet. Connect seamlessly to popular streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify and enjoy your favorite tunes with ease. Immerse yourself in the Hi-Res Sound Mode for detailed and crisp audio, feel the deep bass with the Extra Bass Mode, or enjoy a balanced sound experience with the Standard Mode.

Its pixel art display allows you to personalize your screen and create stunning visual designs. With a wide range of pixel art options available, you can express your creativity and match your clock to your mood and style. Wake up to your favorite music or gentle melodies with the alarm function, ensuring a pleasant start to your day.

The Timebox Evo features a built-in microphone, enabling hands-free phone calls. Stay connected and take calls effortlessly without interrupting your music or activities. The display screen provides clear visibility of the current track, time, and other essential information, keeping you informed and in control.

Powered by an AC adapter, the Timebox Evo ensures a reliable power source for uninterrupted functionality. Its low power consumption, with an input power of less than 25W, makes it energy-efficient and cost-effective. The compact size and durable plastic construction make it suitable for home use, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music wherever you go.

The Timebox Evo combines functionality, versatility, and captivating visual appeal. Elevate your audio experience with its variety of sound mode options, enjoy seamless wireless streaming, and personalize your pixel art designs. Order your Timebox Evo today to bring both sound and visual artistry into your home!


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