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Cargo Harem Pants (multiple options available)

Cargo Harem Pants (multiple options available)

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Introducing these Cargo Harem Pants, the ultimate blend of style and functionality! These pants are perfect for those who love streetwear and vintage looks.

Featuring a waist drawstring design, these pants can be easily adjusted to fit your body shape and size. The length of the pants can also be changed thanks to the roll-up feature and strap on elastic design of the ankle, allowing you to match them with various footwear. You can even change the shape by tightening the straps!

These Cargo Harem Pants come with large pockets that are perfect for storing your essentials, as well as straps to attach various items to. The zipper running down the leg can be adjusted to change the fit of the pants, giving you ultimate control over your style.

Made from heavy twill woven cotton, these pants offer both durability and a vintage look that is sure to turn heads. Choose from two color options - grey or khaki to suit your personal style. Made for the fashion enthusiast, these Cargo Harem Pants offer the perfect blend of style. So why wait? Order your pair today!


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